Apache Allura 1.13.0 released

What's New?

Apache Allura 1.13.0 has been released, after over a year of development, it includes some major updates and a huge list of small fixes and improvements. Some highlights are:

  • Added ForgeFeedback app
  • textarea inputs work better on mobile devices, and use browser spellchecker
  • Forum importer for allura's own export format
  • Allow multiple site-wide notices to be active

Python 2 and 3 supported

This release supports Python 2.7, 3.6, and 3.7. It is the last release planned to support Python 2. We recommend anyone running Allura on Python 2 update to Allura 1.13 and then switch from Python 2 to Python 3. For more details, see the release notes and feel free to ask questions on the dev mailing list.

Upgrade Instructions

Due to supporting both Python 2 and 3, there are quite a few small things to be aware and to update, when upgrading to 1.13.0. The release notes has all the details outlined.

Get 1.13.0

Download Allura and install it today.