Apache Allura 1.9.0 released

New Features

Apache Allura 1.9.0 has been released, with a brand new personal dashboard which shows your own tickets, merge requests, projects etc. Another notable enhancement is automatic saving of content before form submission - no more lost text if you get logged out or disconnected. Support is added for display of checkboxes lists from markdown, more search help, SVN snapshots of the current directory only, and bulk delete for tickets. Of course there are also smaller improvements, fixes, and performances improvements as well. To see all the details, check out the release changelog.

Dashboard Details

The personalized dashboard will show up at the index page for anyone who is logged in. This provides a comprehensive list of your own tickets and merge requests across all projects, and quick access to relevant projects and activity. It is extensible so 3rd-party sections can be developed as well, very similarly to the user profile sections.

Here's an example screenshot: Dashboard screenshot

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