Apache Allura 1.4.0 released

Apache Allura 1.4.0 has been released. The biggest new feature is the Admin Nav Bar. It's a complete overhaul of how you customize the tools in your project. Read our admin toolbar post to see how much easier it is to access tool configurations and add new tools.

Other significant improvements are:

  • Config settings to show your custom logo and navigation links in the top header.
  • New interface to manage sitewide notifications. You can specify custom messages to show up on certain pages or page types, or to certain types of users.
  • Project exports now can include file attachments from all the tickets, wiki pages, comments, etc.
  • Standardized fence blocks in Markdown. In addition to ~~~ to mark off code blocks, you can use the more common ```. It also works to nest code block notation, and specify the formatting language in more ways. See CommonMark spec for details.

There are also dozens of small fixes and improvements, see the changelog for details.

Download Allura and install it today.

View the full 1.4.0 Changelog